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You can participate in duels as soon as you have three heroes. Access to the duel is free of charge every 12 hours or via duel tickets, which can be obtained at various points in the game.

In duels your own heroes fight against a fellow player. The opponent is drawn automatically. If no real opponent is found within 30 seconds, an automatic opponent will be assigned.

In duels the standard attacks are carried out automatically, the special skills of the heroes must be activated by themselves. First all Heroes must attack the opponent's melee fighters, only after the melee fighters in the first row have fallen can opponents in the second row be attacked. Only the archer can shoot directly into the second row. The selection of enemies to be attacked is initially assigned automatically. If you want to assign other opponents to your own hero, you have to tap your hero first and then your opponent. Some Hero skills also need to be controlled, for example, by activating the skill and then tapping to select the Hero or opponent on which the skill will affect.

The duel ends when one player runs out of Heroes. Depending on how many Heroes you have yourself and the opponent has lost, you gain or lose points.

  • Victory with 3 remaining Heroes = +5 points
  • Victory with 2 remaining heroes = +3 points
  • Victory with 1 remaining heroes = +1 points
  • defeat with 1 remaining hero of the opponent = -1 points
  • defeat with 2 remaining heroes of the opponent = -3 points
  • defeat with 3 remaining heroes of the opponent = -5 points

The rewards according to the rank you are in and can be viewed in the game. A duel season ends after 4 months. Each player is rewarded with a final reward according to his rank.

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