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You can choose between different heroes. There are melee fighters, ranged fighters (archers) and mages, who differ from each other not only in their damage and armor values. Each hero in a group has 1 or 2 specific characteristics that are assigned to green and blue heroes or can be chosen by yourself. These characteristics are important for duels and adventures. Grey Heroes have a simple skill which is given and not selectable. Hero skills can be actively used by Heroes in duels and adventures. Hero skills can be enhanced with skill tickets and jewels to increase their effectiveness.

Melee fighters always fight on the front line, they are attacked first and protect ranged fighters and mages in the second line. They have the highest armor values, but do less damage. Against ranged fighters (archers) they have increased damage and increased armor values. The characteristic of the melee fighter is protection. Mages are in the second attack row. They do a lot of damage but have very low armor values. Their damage and armor is increased compared to melee fighters. The property of the mage is magic. Ranged fighters (archers) are in the second attack line. In contrast to mages and melee fighters, he attacks melee fighters as well as mages and the opposing archers. He has increased damage and armor values compared to mages. The characteristic of the ranged fighter is increased damage. All enemies in the areas, all dungon enemies, bosses and raid bosses are assigned to one of the groups melee fighter, ranged fighter and mage, so it is wise to choose your heroes carefully.

It makes sense to own each type of hero at least once. Since all opponents (in dungeons, areas and raid bosses) also belong to melee fighters, ranged fighters and mages, a balanced ratio is advisable in order to be able to attack with the appropriate heroes depending on the opponent and to use the advantages of the heroes.

Heroes' armor and damage can be increased by making better equipment and weapons from craftsmen with higher damage and armor values. All items also have properties that (if they fit the area of use) increase the damage/armor there. If you are in a cold region (e.g. Barradon), damage in warm regions makes no sense. Area damage / armour of another area (e.g. Korrn) does not help here either.

If you tap on a hero in the hero overview, the overview of the respective hero opens. Here you can see the hero's life points, damage and armor values. In addition, you can see the properties that are on the equipment and increase the damage or armor in the areas or against melee fighters, ranged fighters and archers. If you tap on a specific armour item in the hero overview, a new window will open. Here you can drop the item, create new items or exchange items.

You can dismiss a hero by tapping on the hero in the hero overview to open the hero menu. Here you have the possibility to dismiss a hero. This is not possible if the hero wears armor, is on a mission or is the last hero. If you want to upgrade or dismiss heroes, you have to take off their armor first.

Wounded Heroes heal over time. You can instantly heal Heroes completely for one jewel or the appropriate amount of healing points (in the Heroes menu). You can also heal through the guild buffs.

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