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Raid bosses are particularly strong opponents that must be summoned by a guild and defeated together within 24 hours. After a victory, all guild members involved in the victory (regardless of damage dealt) will receive the specified guild coin reward and the guild will receive the specified guild experience. There is no reward after a defeat. The invested guild gold is gone.

Only the guild leadership can summon a raid boss. Every 24 hours a summoning is possible. Up to 7 summons can be stacked, saved and later (even several behind each other). The appropriate amount of guild gold is required for the summon. Without guild gold the raid boss cannot be summoned.

The guild levels by defeating raid bosses together. The higher the level of the guild, the more difficult raid bosses can be summoned.

It makes sense to always participate with three heroes at the same time. The mercenary can also be recruited and used. He does a lot of damage and is a helpful support. Furthermore, damage and armor boosters (potions of the alchemist) help. Guild buffs also support the guild members in defeating the raid boss.

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