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Starting Help

At the beginning you will be introduced to all important game contents in a short tutorial. If you do not want to use this, you can skip the tutorial.

It makes sense to define a name for the account at the start of the game. You do this by registering under “Settings”. As a reward you get a registration reward. The reward can be viewed under “Settings”. Registration also has the advantage that you can log in with your player name and password from any device.

If you missed a registration and accidentally lost your account, you can use the “Restore” field under settings to restore the most leveled account on this device.

In the settings you can also set the spounds and music, as well as the game language. In the lower area of the settings you can find information about the developer.

If you are new to the game, there are three things you should consider:

1. you should promptly get a second hero to help you with the procurement of raw materials. Especially with bosses it is necessary at the beginning to send both heroes together on missions.

2. the mercenary is a special help right now. He is very strong and does not have to heal. He helps his own heroes, who are very weakly equipped at the beginning of the game, to get raw materials. Mercenaries support their own heroes for three hours.

3. mission tickets and crafting tickets can be obtained in the game over and over again, for example through missions, chests or by buying them in the guild shop. You shouldn't be stingy with them, because by using them you can finish missions immediately and you don't have to wait long for goods to be finished at the craftsman. Especially in the beginning they make the start of the game easier, because you can get raw materials and armour more quickly.

4. guilds support players through various buffs. Guild shops and bartering also help new players to quickly obtain important resources and armour. It is therefore recommended to join a guild as soon as possible. By clicking on guilds, you can get information about the guild. Once you have joined a guild, you can talk to the members in the guild chat or find out about important things on the notice board.

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